14 March 2009

The Waiting Game

If I had stuck to the plan, baby #2 would be here, already a ripe 36 hours old. BUT, being an indecisive person, and one who waits until the final possible moment to switch things up, I postponed my repeat cesarean until NEXT Friday. I wanted to give him a chance to come on his own, but was too chicken to make the full commitment to the VBAC.

Now, of course, I am terrified that I will go into labor. It's almost like I am having a baby for the first time.

Because I never really went into labor before they had to perform emergency surgery the first time, I haven't a clue what to expect should I go into labor this time. But I have to lay in the bed I have made. So now we are just playing the waiting game.

In any event, baby Curran will be here by Friday, March 20, regardless of the method in which he makes it into this world.


KJ said...

Thinking of you, Michelle! I hope all goes as smoothly as possible. If it's any consolation, a good friend of mine had a scheduled c-section and went into labor before the scheduled date and all went uber-smoothly with VBAC. And she said she felt awesome the next day and was ready to come home. Like butter (well, sort of). Sending you positive vibes and looking forward to hearing about baby Curran #2

Michelle said...

Thanks KJ. Still here. Been having contractions since Sunday! What good are they if no baby comes?

Working Mom said...

Michelle - here's hoping, if someone isn't here by now, that tomorrow goes smoothly!