04 March 2009

25 Facts About This Pregnancy

In just 9 days, a new baby will be born into this family. In the spirit of all those "25 things" notes going around on Facebook, I decided to give you, "25 Facts Surrounding My Second Pregnancy and Second Child." In no particular order, here they are.

1. Due Date: March 20; Planned C-Section: March 13

2. It's a boy!

3. For some reason, I feel incredibly guilty about above-mentioned C-section. Perhaps because I can't seem to get away from all the inferences that I should not be having a C-section.

4. I keep a bottle of Tums tucked underneath my pillow all times. The heartburn and reflux are so bad this time around, it's like a ball of liquid fire in my throat. Perhaps the Heartburn Fairy will come and take it away and leave in its place the $222 million winning lottery ticket.

5. Despite my best intentions, and the fact that I went to the gym through my 8th month, I still gained too much weight.

6. I am currently at the stage when my appendages resemble overstuffed sausages.

7. The good news: I was able to wear my wedding rings through month 8; last time I made it only to month 3.

8. Another piece of good news: During my last pregnancy, we were new in town, and our local friends were few and far between. This time, I have a good group of friends to help maintain my sanity.

9. I have learned that perfection is impossible: sometimes good enough is enough.

10. Nine days to go, and the nursery is not done. See #8.

11. I will not go into depression mode if I cannot breastfeed. I hope.

12. Last night I cried - full on sobbing - because my first-born wanted to play and I am too fat to get on the floor with him.

13. None of my maternity clothes fit me anymore; I am relegated to the house wearing husband's sweat pants and maternity half-shirts.

14. Monthly Napa Valley wine shipments: $90 per month; a full wine cabinet due to husband's 9-month wine abstinence: priceless!

15. We have decided to keep the name (mostly) secret until the baby is born. So don't even ask!

16. THIS time, I will send out cutesy birth announcements. Who said it's the second child who always gets the short end of the stick.

17. I cannot wait to see Braedan's face the first time he sees his new baby brother...

18. However, I am prepared for my son's adverse reaction once he realizes his brother is here to stay, and is not some myth we have been talking up for 9 months. "When does he go back?" "I liked it when it was just me and you" and "I don't want to be a big brother anymore" are all remarks I fully expect to have to deal with.

19. I am already dreading the grocery bill that will come as a result of living with three males.

20. I need to come up with a plan of attack for losing weight once the baby is born. Step 1: Quit eating so much.

21. I have been told by even the most driven of my friends that I am crazy for not taking any time off my part-time, work-from-home editing/writing job once the baby is born.

22. Thank goodness we now have digital cable and DVR.

23. To videotape or not to videotape? That is the question.

24. For a week now, husband has been asking me to pack a bag. I still have yet to do it.

25. I am secretly (well, not anymore) hoping that I go into labor before next Friday!

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Working Mom said...

Michelle, DO NOT feel guilty about a c-section! Doctors don't do them because they want to - they do them because, for whatever reason, it is safer for you and/or the baby. DS#3 was breech, and an aversion was not an option due to my past history. I did NOT feel like less of a mom for having him that way; what mattered was he was here and safe in my arms.

That said, I asked my doctor if he could also tie my tubs, take out my appendix and give me a tummy tuck if I had to go through all that. He told me he could deliver the baby and do one of the three options. I'm still ticked he didn't pick the tummy tuck!