21 January 2009


Recently, an acquaintance of mine - a fellow blogger; a famously talented, funny, poignant and cool chick - was diagnosed with a terrible disease. Breast Cancer. When I first read the news on her blog, I cried. How could this happen to such a vibrant, YOUNG woman, the mother of two adorable little kids, whose exploits and escapades are painstakingly and hilariously outlined on her blog (along with those of their slightly overweight pooch, Vito).

We don't know each other well - at all. I think I have met Kate only once, but, I have long since admired her for her incredible ability for the written word. (Seriously, Kate, you NEED to write a book.) For reasons beyond my understanding, her diagnosis has hit me rather hard. Perhaps it is because we are roughly the same age (and not to mention beautiful and talented). Maybe it's because I have read about her healthy eating and yoga habits, and thought to myself, "This is enough." Or maybe it's because, despite my assertion that "so many women" seem to get breast cancer, I have never really known someone personally who has been diagnosed with it. And if I had to guess, I never, IN A MILLION YEARS, would have guessed this woman would get breast cancer.

Now, I have one more reason to admire Kate. On her blog, she has, with a sense of humor I do not think I would have the strength to muster, openly discussed her discovery, diagnosis and intimate thoughts of the "palpable mass" she herself discovered while playing with her daughter. Again, while I don't know Kate well at all, I said to our mutual friend that if anyone can get through it, it's Kate. I just know this. I feel it because I can sense it through her words. She has a strength and an outlook on life that is unmatched by anyone I have before met.

Thinking of you and your family, Kate. And knowing you will battle breast cancer - and WIN.