24 March 2009

He's Here!

Colin Richard Curran
Born 3/19/09; 9:27pm
7 lbs 4 oz
Black hair; blue eyes

22 hours of labor ensued; VBAC failed; born via c-section; result the same: a beautiful baby boy!

14 March 2009

The Waiting Game

If I had stuck to the plan, baby #2 would be here, already a ripe 36 hours old. BUT, being an indecisive person, and one who waits until the final possible moment to switch things up, I postponed my repeat cesarean until NEXT Friday. I wanted to give him a chance to come on his own, but was too chicken to make the full commitment to the VBAC.

Now, of course, I am terrified that I will go into labor. It's almost like I am having a baby for the first time.

Because I never really went into labor before they had to perform emergency surgery the first time, I haven't a clue what to expect should I go into labor this time. But I have to lay in the bed I have made. So now we are just playing the waiting game.

In any event, baby Curran will be here by Friday, March 20, regardless of the method in which he makes it into this world.

04 March 2009

25 Facts About This Pregnancy

In just 9 days, a new baby will be born into this family. In the spirit of all those "25 things" notes going around on Facebook, I decided to give you, "25 Facts Surrounding My Second Pregnancy and Second Child." In no particular order, here they are.

1. Due Date: March 20; Planned C-Section: March 13

2. It's a boy!

3. For some reason, I feel incredibly guilty about above-mentioned C-section. Perhaps because I can't seem to get away from all the inferences that I should not be having a C-section.

4. I keep a bottle of Tums tucked underneath my pillow all times. The heartburn and reflux are so bad this time around, it's like a ball of liquid fire in my throat. Perhaps the Heartburn Fairy will come and take it away and leave in its place the $222 million winning lottery ticket.

5. Despite my best intentions, and the fact that I went to the gym through my 8th month, I still gained too much weight.

6. I am currently at the stage when my appendages resemble overstuffed sausages.

7. The good news: I was able to wear my wedding rings through month 8; last time I made it only to month 3.

8. Another piece of good news: During my last pregnancy, we were new in town, and our local friends were few and far between. This time, I have a good group of friends to help maintain my sanity.

9. I have learned that perfection is impossible: sometimes good enough is enough.

10. Nine days to go, and the nursery is not done. See #8.

11. I will not go into depression mode if I cannot breastfeed. I hope.

12. Last night I cried - full on sobbing - because my first-born wanted to play and I am too fat to get on the floor with him.

13. None of my maternity clothes fit me anymore; I am relegated to the house wearing husband's sweat pants and maternity half-shirts.

14. Monthly Napa Valley wine shipments: $90 per month; a full wine cabinet due to husband's 9-month wine abstinence: priceless!

15. We have decided to keep the name (mostly) secret until the baby is born. So don't even ask!

16. THIS time, I will send out cutesy birth announcements. Who said it's the second child who always gets the short end of the stick.

17. I cannot wait to see Braedan's face the first time he sees his new baby brother...

18. However, I am prepared for my son's adverse reaction once he realizes his brother is here to stay, and is not some myth we have been talking up for 9 months. "When does he go back?" "I liked it when it was just me and you" and "I don't want to be a big brother anymore" are all remarks I fully expect to have to deal with.

19. I am already dreading the grocery bill that will come as a result of living with three males.

20. I need to come up with a plan of attack for losing weight once the baby is born. Step 1: Quit eating so much.

21. I have been told by even the most driven of my friends that I am crazy for not taking any time off my part-time, work-from-home editing/writing job once the baby is born.

22. Thank goodness we now have digital cable and DVR.

23. To videotape or not to videotape? That is the question.

24. For a week now, husband has been asking me to pack a bag. I still have yet to do it.

25. I am secretly (well, not anymore) hoping that I go into labor before next Friday!