07 April 2008

Why a 30-something should not pretend to be Shaq

It's called a Segond Fracture and it's what Rich suffered when he was on the basketball court Sunday morning with a couple of friends.

Talking trash the night before at the Black CowRich was the one who said, "Man, I hope I don't get hurt tomorrow," which, of course, sealed his fate. Sunday morning was supposed to be relaxing. The next thing you know I'm screeching out of the parking lot of 1-2-3 Little Me, a new indoor playground Braedan loves, dropping him off at a (good) friend's house, and meeting Rich at the hospital.

He was in triage and his buddies, husbands of my friends, just shook their heads. Rich, in a wheelchair, was shaking with pain. Two hours later, we left with a script for percocet, Rich in a leg immobilizer and on crutches, a Segond fracture diagnosis and a referral for an orthopedic surgeon. Segond fractures are usually an indicator of an ACL tear.

"In 15 years of playing hockey, nothing like this ever happened to me," Rich told Nancy, one of the nurses who attended to him while he was there, before he slipped into his percocet fog.

Updates to follow.


Gnomesain said...

I guess I should cound my... I don't know if I can call them blessings, but as a participant in the "trash talking" ending up in a very very hurting Gnome the next day. Thanks in no small part to Rich. That kept me out of the game, and I guess I should be thankful considering the outcome. I could be a broken Gnome instead of just hurting.

klsalka said...

I won't say I'm glad Derek (er, Gnome) didn't make it - after all, he was severely hung over (thanks, in part, to Rich!). But man! I hope Rich heals fast, and even if he can't make it back out there as Shaq, I hope he makes it back any way he can!