28 July 2008

Yankee Homecoming

I know "townies" hate it. But I live here - yes, I know that DOESN'T make me a townie - and I actually enjoy YH. Pancake breakfast, music on the green, antique cars, balloon twisters, fresh-squeezed lemonade, penny candy, a fireman's muster. How can you go wrong at Old Fashioned Sunday?

Anyway, for those of you fellow Newburyporters who braved the "dreaded" tourists yesterday, hopefully you gathered up the kids, got blueberries in your pancakes, took a plunge in the dunk tank, rode around the Mall on the train and felt easy like Sunday morning.

Some pics.


Ari Herzog said...

I'm confused. I thought George Cashman started Yankee Homecoming as a means to invigorate the community spirit. No?

Why do "townies," as you say, dislike the celebration? Increased tourism?

Michelle said...

Ari - you've never heard people who've lived here for ages complain about the traffic, decreased parking, and tourists?

Yesterday, my mother, who works as a loan officer in RI, was told during a phone conversation by someone in NBPT (someone that has lived here for 20 years) that it was Yankee Homecoming and she hated it because it was so busy.

Writer Bug said...

Hey--I just found your blog via Facebook. I love your angry post, below. I've so been there...