04 June 2008

Garden of Last Days

I am very excited for Andre Dubus III's new book, Garden of Last Days to come out this month.

Ever since I read House of Sand and Fog and Bluesman, I get a bit star-dazed when I see him at the gym. (He lives in the next town over from me.) But it also reminds me that writers are regular people, and that perhaps, someday, I'll be a best-selling author going to the gym.

Anyway, check out this video to get the low-down on the new book, which I'll be reviewing for Merrimack Valley Magazine.

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Gillian Swart said...

That's cool, Michelle. I just got the book myself - maybe I should have waited and borrowed your copy! :)

I'm reading Elisabeth's book based on your review. And the fact that I know her, of course.